The Happy Hero The Happy Hero

By Solitaire Townsend
Fleur Britten - The Sunday Times
The Happy Hero is the bible for anyone who cares about climate change!
Jonathon Porritt - author of The World We Made
The author guarantees that you’ll be better equipped and more up for saving the world than you were before you opened it up. And she’s right!”
Bill Gibb - Glasgow Sunday Post
You can be happier and healthier by making a difference to the world around you.


The Happy Hero reveals the secret of enjoying a better life and sets out the principles of how to feel good by doing good. Sounds simple, but where do you start?

Everyday we are bombarded with fear and negativity from the media and have been trained out of happiness by these stories. There is a simple solution; stop worrying about the future and start making it better. Whether it’s donating blood, only eating meat at the weekend, buying vintage/pre-loved clothes or picking up litter in your street.

Luckily, many of the changes we need to make to build a better world, we want to do anyway and optimism is the only mindset that can change our world for the better. New research shows that trying to make a difference, even in the smallest ways, can extend your life, improve your relationships and even help you recover from a cold…because, it turns out, saving the world is good for you.

So Superheroes, what are you waiting for… ?

Solitaire Townsend

Solitaire has been trying to make the world a better place for nearly 30 years. As co-founder of the change agency Futerra, she advises governments, charities and big brands on ways to solve social and environmental problems.

With Futerra offices now in London, Stockholm, New York, San Francisco and Mexico City she admits that making the world a better place was a good business plan. You can watch her TEDx talks online and read her in the Guardian, Huffington Post and more often on twitter. She was once even profiled in Harper’s Bazaar; but they didn’t let her keep the clothes. Her post-graduate degrees in both Shakespeare and Sustainability are put to good use in her books. As is her love of Star Trek.

Solitaire would like you to know that yes, she thinks it’s a pretty name too. And no, she wasn’t named after the Bond girl


The Observer

Lucy Siegle

The Happy Hero by  Solitaire Townsend, is the antithesis of the hair-shirt protest model. If you can do activism right, says Townsend – an environmental consultant who persuades major brands to change their ways – you’ll get the most spectacular kickback: it will make you happy

BBC Radio Scotland

Fiona Stalker

Have you ever thought about how doing your own small bit for the environment can have a major impact on the bigger picture? Solitaire Townsend author of “The Happy Hero – How To Change Your Life ByChanging The World” wants us all to consider how the smallest of acts can have a huge impact.

GreenBiz Reads

Standing at the crossroads of the climate crisis

A crisis always starts with some small shifts in “normal.” A tiny ember burns, the sky fills with cloud, a few pebbles fall. For individuals, a crisis might start when damaging behaviors (like heavy drinking) that have slowly built up suddenly start causing real and visible problems…

The Sunday Times Style 8/10/2017

Fleur Britten

Who is the workplace warrior at your work? Chances are it’s the happiest person at their desk. We asked Style’s eco-guardian Fleur Britten to investigate this growing band of happy heroes.


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